The All New Handling in the Ford Mustang

Are you ready for the new Mustang 2018? Ford has gone all out with its latest lineup, choosing to provide amazing performance and engineering with the latest suspension and drive trains. You can now pick up to five different driving modes with the Mustang, including the drag race mode which is available on premium trims. Once such trim is the Shelby GT 350. The latest from the carmaker denotes that the engines are made to go much faster and accelerate quickly. However, you may not get the same power in the base model. 

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Feel More Comfortable When Your Teenager is Driving the Ford Flex

Do you worry about your teenager when they have the car and you're not in it with them? If you do, then there are a couple of features that you'll be interested in on the Ford Flex, a popular three-row midsize SUV. It has features that help you monitor their driving habits while also ensuring that they're never without directions.

The MyKey feature allows you to limit the maximum driving speed and audio volume for certain drivers. This way, you can be sure that your young driver is obeying the laws and is focused on the road…

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The New Ford Focus ST and Impressive Technology Features

Want to know what drivers are rating the Ford Focus ST as one of the best compact performance hatchbacks on the market? Take a look at a few of these features to understand why motorists are so excited about this little car.

Take the new Ford Focus ST on the road in a rainstorm or blinding snow, and the LED Signature Lighting will help to get your vehicle noticed by other drivers. This is important because the sooner you can be noticed by other cars, the more time they have to react and avoid any type of collision with your…

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The Benefits of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program

While many people believe that buying a used car is a sure way to get a subpar-quality vehicle, this is not always the case. When a car is offered through the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program, it has been checked to ensure that it meets stringent requirements before it can be sold as a part of the program.

Every vehicle offered through the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program has to meet certain criteria. For instance, the vehicle has to pass a thorough 172-point inspection for any equipment failure, before it can qualify. 

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See and Drive the New Escape at Kelly Ford

Medium-sized SUVs tend to be very utilitarian vehicles. The popularity of minivans has been waning for years, and this market segment has largely been taken over by small SUVs. The Escape is Ford's showpiece at this size range. The Ford Escape series of vehicles has been the centerpiece of their small SUV strategy for almost a decade now.

One reason this SUV remains popular is the incredible amount of storage room you receive for a small SUV. This is great for hauling cargo or your family and kids. The Ford Escape was absolutely built with children in mind as…

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The 2018 Ford Edge is the Crossover You've Been Looking For

Drivers are choosing to leave their sedans behind. Sport utility vehicles offer more cargo space, headroom, and seating options. The 2018 Ford Edge is the perfect example of a crossover that combines comfort and safety with the capabilities Ford lovers have come to expect.

No matter the road conditions, you'll always have traction in the Ford Edge. The Edge's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system uses real-time information to balance torque, resulting in superior handling and traction.

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Engineered for Extremes: the 2018 Ford Super Duty

What does a million of miles of testing in several of the most demanding industries get you? What’s grown as a popular heavy-duty pickup has been redesigned for 2018.

The 2018 Ford Super Duty has the largest anti-lock brakes in its class. When you’re hauling or towing tons of material, having the larger brakes will help provide the extra stopping power you need. When your brakes have to work less hard, it also means that you have to replace them less frequently.

With a redesigned body, the Super Duty is much lighter than previous model years. This doesn…

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Take the Whole Family Along in the Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a popular full-size SUV that has more than enough room to stay comfortable. With a bevy of interior features, your family can stay entertained wherever your adventures take you.

Whether you go with the luxurious Platinum model or the slightly larger Expedition MAX, you'll have the opportunity to customize your riding experience thanks to the third row of seats. With its tip-and-slide seats and power reclining, your passengers will have no problem gaining access to their desired spot. On your drive, the enhanced active noise control will cancel out unwanted sound...

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Check Out the Technology Features in The New Ford Taurus And See What All the Buzz Is About

If you are looking for a new car that has world-class styling, safety, quality, and reliability along with innovative technology features then look no further than the all-new Ford Taurus. The Taurus has been an industry leader for years thanks to their innovations in all of these categories.

And for its latest model, drivers of the all-new Taurus will enjoy a long list of technology features as well that include:

If you would like to see all of these features up close in person then head on over to our showroom here at Kelly Ford and test drive the all-new…

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Get the Most Out of Your Tires with Regular Rotations

Your tires are a very critical piece of equipment for your vehicle. Due to the nature of the function that they perform you are going to notice that they need to be replaced more often than most other parts of your car, truck, or SUV. And because they are not known for being a cheap item to replace, it is only natural that you would want to get as much out of them as you can.

Fortunately there are steps that you can take to maximize their lifespan. This starts with having them rotated regularly. During the rotation, the air…

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