Kelly Ford Collision Center


Accidents are never easy, but you can count on Kelly Ford Collision Center.

Making your repair process as seamless as possible and restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition are our #1 goals at Kelly Ford Collision Center.  

Kelly Ford's Collision Center and Body Shop is the largest in Brevard County. A state of the art, I-Car Certified Collision Center, Kelly Ford is outfitted to handle everything from minor damage to frame straightening.  We're an authorized and recommended body shop for many insurance companies.

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  • Collision Repair - Not all auto body shop facilities are created equal. At Kelly Ford, we have the experienced craftsmen and the latest equipment to tackle any job from a minor touch-up to a major rebuild after a serious accident or rollover. We carry a large inventory of genuine Ford parts, too, so we can turn your auto body repair around and get you back behind the wheel quickly.

  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) - Small dents can be removed without having to apply filler or paint. If your doors or quarter panels have had a close encounter with a shopping cart or a careless driver, we can help.

  • Paint - If you've ever spray painted outdoor furniture or a lamp, you know there's more to a quality car paint job than pointing a nozzle and pulling the trigger. Kelly Ford Auto Body Shop has state-of-the-art spray booths and master painters with decades of experience creating flawless automotive finishes. Bring your car in for a car paint job estimate and let us show you how putting a new finish on your car or truck can restore your pride of ownership and improve the value of your vehicle.

  • Frame Straightening - If your vehicle was hit hard, the frame may be damaged. And while you could get the cosmetics done elsewhere, filling and painting the dents isn't going to correct the underlying damage that will affect steering, accelerate tire wear and create problems with suspension components the longer you drive your car.

  • Aluminum Body Repairs - Aluminum vehicles are lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient than their steel counterparts, but they do require special expertise to repair. Aluminum doesn't have the "memory" that steel does, so dents don't just "pop out." Our craftsmen have been specially trained to repair aluminum auto bodies. We've also built a special area solely for aluminum vehicles. This area is isolated from the rest of our auto body shop to prevent aluminum dust from contaminating other vehicles. As aluminum-body vehicles become more common from all manufacturers, corrosion caused by car paint and repair shops that do not have isolation booths will likely become more frequent.
Insurance Work

You have the right to have your vehicle repaired wherever you choose. And even if your insurance company "recommends" one of their favorite car body shops, bring your car or truck to Kelly Ford. We'll do the work fast, we'll do it right and we'll do it at a fair price.

Customer Service

We've built a stellar reputation for great customer service in new and used car sales and service, and our auto body shop offers the same personalized care you expect from Kelly Ford. Don't take our word for it: Check our reviews online, talk to your neighbors, then bring your car or truck to us for auto body repairs you can trust.


You wouldn't trust your treasured Ford vehicle to just any auto body shop, and Kelly Ford has the experienced factory trained craftsmen to make your car or truck look showroom ready. Our technicians are I-CAR certified and we've invested in the latest equipment specifically designed for collision repair on your Ford. And we can apply that expertise to any make or model car or truck. Bring us your tired, your dented, your rusty, your rollover - we'll make it factory fresh again. 

The introduction of the new aluminum-body F-150 signals a new direction for Ford as it moves away from heavy, steel-bodied vehicles. The F-150 is the first Ford crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, but it won't the the last. It takes special tools and expertise to repair damaged aluminum cars and Kelly Ford has them, including a sealed area that isolates the aluminum repair shop from the rest of the service area. Isolation areas area a critical upgrade that many car body shops haven't made. Even if your car has a steel body, if a collision repair shop does work on aluminum vehicles, dust from those cars could contaminate the new paint on your car or truck, causing it to rust underneath the new paint. Why take a chance? Bring your auto body repair or car paint job to Kelly Ford and get the peace of mind you deserve.


Kelly Ford Steels Up for the New Aluminum F-150

posted 10:00 AM ET, Thursday February 17, 2015

MELBOURNE - The engineers at Ford knew what they were doing when they designed the all-new Ford F-150 with an aircraft-grade aluminum body; shedding 800 pounds, this hard-working truck is more fuel efficient, has features designed especially for towing and 100 new patented features.

But with great innovations come great responsibilities; namely, making sure new equipment and specially-trained mechanics are on staff to handle brand-new, non-steel trucks. Kelly Ford has that covered.

"We've updated," said Mike Bartlett, Ford Master-Certified Body Shop manager. "We have purchased all the equipment and the training and … we're very much growing every month.

"The advantage is (the new Ford F-150) … is lighter than the 2014 (model),"Bartlett said. "They're more fuel-efficient, but don't sacrifice their towing capacity at all."

"Bare aluminum begins to corrode the moment it is exposed to air," Bartlett explained, thus the need for the clean room. "And, say somebody was grinding steel in the shop--- the steel can't get on the aluminum."

The shop, located at 776 Magnolia Avenue, now has three body men, two mechanics, two painters and a special sealed-off room for taking the dings, dents and uh-ohs out of the new Ford F-150.

Ford is done making steel-bodied pickups, he said. Instead, they're producing a better, safer product.

"They're safer," Bartlett said. "They're built with aircraft quality aluminum, unlike many other vehicles on the road."

If you're interested in learning more or checking out the tough new trucks, stop by Kelly Ford in Melbourne.

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